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The Heliotrope List 

 Professional and student film and theater makers, directors, producers and agents are encouraged to browse The Heliotrope List loglines and to download a pdf file* of the full script.  All rights to the works are reserved by the authors and any production rights must be negotiated with the author or their representative.  A sample agreement can be downloaded here. Low-budget and no-budget projects are welcome and negotiable.

Screenplays, plays and teleplays written by students in the Playwriting & Screenwriting program in the School of Film and Media Studies at Purchase College SUNY are selected by faculty for inclusion in the Heliotrope List.  Works are of varying lengths - from short films and one act plays to full length feature films and two hour plays.  Teleplays are generally pilot episodes. 

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Script-Agreement (doc)


Soothing Binds - an original screenplay by Lillian Dixon

After the death of her mother, a teenage girl tries to create some semblance of the family life she's always dreamed of with her bachelor uncle.  But his secret will either break them apart or cross the lines of taboo.

coming of age, family drama

100 pages

all rights reserved 2017 Lillian Dixon

written as Senior Thesis project

Playwriting & Screenwriting, School of Film and Media Studies, Purchase College, SUNY

Soothing Binds 1-34 LILY (pdf)


Passover - an original screenplay by Pete Peters

A 20 year old woman brings her new boyfriend home for Passover seder to meet the parents but he has to pretend to be Jewish.

comedy, love story

10 pages

all rights reserved Pete Peters

written for Screenwriting I

Playwriting & Screenwriting, School of Film and Media Studies, Purchase College, SUNY

Files coming soon.


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